Horseshoe Bend – Page, AZ
December 1, 2016

Within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and five miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, the Colorado River takes a wide sweep around a sandstone escarpment in a 270º horseshoe-shaped curve in the canyon. Known as Horseshoe Bend this spot is easily one of the most photographed areas of the Colorado River with an conveniently accessible overlook sitting a full 1,000′ (300m) above the river.

Of all the places along the Colorado that I’ve seen, including the Grand Canyon, for some reason I almost wanted to be let down by Horseshoe Bend. I have no idea why, but part of me wanted it to be kind of overrated. Although it was much more crowded than I expected, I was not even close to let down. The view was nothing short of spectacular.

Horseshoe Bend Arizona

Horseshoe Bend

(Some of the weirder sunrise colors I’ve ever seen in my life…)

Horseshoe Bend Arizona


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