Exploring the Upper Colorado River
December 9, 2020

Exploring the Upper Colorado River – In May, when lockdowns began to slightly ease as everyone began to grapple with the new world, I was also itching to get out and explore a bit. With the high country still a snowy and muddy mess, my options close to home were fairly limited. I realized that I had spent a ton of time along the Upper Colorado, but nearly all of that time was spent in raft or duckie between the Pumphouse and Two Bridges on the Colorado River.

So I spent most of the month exploring the Upper Colorado River – Finding and driving every dirt road I could and scrambling to various vantage points I had scouted on Google Earth. The area has a lot of red tape with private property all over the place, making it fairly challenging really get too far off the beaten path, but it was great to explore this area beyond just the river.

The Upper Colorado River, Colorado


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