Chasing Some Epic Shots in Moab, Utah
January 15, 2020

Sticking with my inability to stay still last winter, I set out for my first camping trip of the year in early March. Since I had already hit up Bryce and Zion National Parks in the prior few months, I decided to go the easy route and try to chase some epic shots that had escaped me in the past.

Turret Arch & the North Window

Epic Shots in Moab #1 – This is one of the more iconic shots in the landscape photography community and I think this was now my 5th or 6th time trying to shoot this scene of Turret Arch through the North Window at Arches National Park. All I want are some giant, colorful clouds to the west, but I can’t seem to get that luckily. I think I’m now one more visit away from just Photoshopping a new sky in there…

Epic Shots in Moab North Window

Corona Arch

Epic Shots in Moab #2 – I had hiked to Corona Arch a couple of times, but it was always just for a mid-day exercise before or after a bike ride. I really wanted to try and shoot a sunset there with a fiery sky, but that wasn’t meant to be on this trip.

Epic Shots in Moab Corona Arch

The Goosenecks

Epic Shots in Moab #3 – I’ve driven the Shafer Trail and this portion of the White Rim Trail more times than I can remember, but like Corona Arch, I had always done it in the mid-day light. After riding the White Rim last year, I told myself I would get back here for a sunrise over the LaSals. The weather finally delivered me some pretty epic clouds too!

Epic Shots in Moab LaSal Mountains
Epic Shots in Moab Goosenecks
Epic Shots in Moab Colorado River

(Bonus) Marlboro Point

Epic Shots in Moab #4 – I don’t even think this was taken on the same trip – it was so long ago and they all blur together – but I wanted to post up this shot too.

After striking out at the North Window one morning, we bumped into the great Josh Snow who turned us onto this spot overlooking Canyonlands National Park. And what an awesome spot it turned out to be!

Epic Shots in Moab Marlboro Point

Now that I think about it, that first shot of North Window above was also on a different trip… oh well.


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