Back into my Favorite Mountains! The Teton Crest Trail 2019
February 10, 2020

I think I’ve officially decided that Grand Teton National Park is my favorite national park and the Teton Range, my favorite mountains to explore.

Schwabacher Landing Grand Teton National Park
Schwabacher Landing

So when I got the invite to backpack the Teton Crest Trail last summer, I jumped at the chance, even though I had already done most of the 32-mile trek back in 2014. Back on that trip, not only had we bailed from the trail a day early, skipping what is arguably the most beautiful section, but I was also pretty bummed with my images that I produced. I just hadn’t gotten much epic light and I lazily shot from right around camp instead of hiking around to find some better compositions.

Shadow Mountain Grand Teton National Park
Camp on Shadow Mountain

This second time around, I was determined to approach the trek more motivated and with what I thought were some relatively lofty goals. In helping plan the trip, I greedily picked campsites that I knew gave me access to some better spots.

So back in August, I set out north for some more exploration of my favorite park.

Before setting off on trail, I spent a few days hanging around Jackson and the park and started off the trip with a few shots that prove that not only weather plays a huge role in landscape photography, but a little luck goes a long way too…

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
The Tetons
Schwabacher Landing Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
Schwabacher Landing


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