Three Days in Dubai
A Quick Three Days in Dubai
April 1, 2020

A Quick Three Days in Dubai – Being one of the most visited destinations in the world with an apparent epic skyline to photograph, I had been intrigued with visiting Dubai for a while, but I had just never been near that part of the world so the opportunity hadn’t come about. But that changed last fall while planning a Honeymoon when all the cheapest flights seemed to all go through Dubai. We figured that since we were literally flying around the world, we might as well make some stopovers along the way.

Dubai’s a sprawling city and not particularly walkable so we were lucky to be staying in the Dubai International Financial Center (FIDC), relatively close to some of the highlights we wanted to visit. We spent the first day atop and around the tallest building in the world (163 floors!), the Burj Khalifa, which offered up some spectacular views of the city, but also was just a giant shopping mall so it wasn’t exactly my cup o’ tea. Day two was spent poolside before heading out on a desert safari to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. And then on day three, since it was the hot season (not to be confused with inferno-season!) we once again found ourselves poolside before venturing out for my one hero-shot of the city that I really wanted.

It was a great three days in Dubai and I really enjoyed my time there, but it did kind of feel like the whole city was just putting on a show. Comprised of 85% expats, I’m sure there’s more to explore and I would love to get back and venture outside of the tourist spots for something more authentic…

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