9 Pics from a Long Weekend in Chicago
January 17, 2020

Long Weekend in Chicago – I had only been to Chicago once and since I was just out of college and knew someone that ran a bar so let’s just say I didn’t see and experience much of the city.

I was stoked when my wife had to go to Chicago for work because I’m always down to tag along, especially when fancy hotels are in the mix…

Long Weekend in Chicago Downtown
Downtown Chicago
Long Weekend in Chicago Downtown Chicago
Downtown Chicago
River Boat Tour
Civic Opera Building (??)
Sear’s Tower (Don’t care…)
Long Weekend in Chicago Bean
Cloud Gate / the Bean
Long Weekend in Chicago John Hancock Building 360
Sunset from john Hancock Building
Stoked that I’ve gotten good with Photoshop because it gives me the ability to get rid of shit out of my pics now. ZING! (“SAD!”)


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