2017 In Pictures: 17 of My Favorite Shots
January 1, 2018

2017 in Pictures – This year was definitely a busy one with almost 12,000 road-trip miles driven and probably about 200+ miles hiked… This was definitely hard to narrow down this year, but here are my favorite shots from 2017. (In no particular order.)

Vail, Colorado

One night after work, I decided to bail on my original plan to bushwack into a lake and opted to climb a ridge above Vail instead. After waiting out a brief rainstorm and and watching a herd of Elk panic at that sounds of what I think were mountain lion growls, the sky lit up more colorful than I’ve ever seen.

I said these weren’t in any particular order, but I think this is #1.

Vail Colorado Sunset

Gabe Rivera, GoPro Mountain Games, Eagle, Colorado

I’ve been shooting the GoPro Mountain Games for a few years and finally took home first place with this image winning overall.

GoPro Mountain Games Vail Colorado

Deep Creek Canyon, the Flat Tops, Colorado

Thinking the sunset was a dud, I had actually already packed up my gear for the night. At least I knew better than to just leave right away…

Deep Creek Canyon Flat Tops Glenwood Springs Colorado

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California

It was just a beautiful morning.

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park California

Courthouse Mountain & Chimney Rock, Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

This scene has exploded in the photography world over the past few years and I made it my goal this fall to find it. The light didn’t totally cooperate, but at least I wasn’t totally shut out. I will definitely get back there next year for round 2 for hopefully some better light and more colorful Aspens.

Chimney Rock Courthouse Mountain Owl Creek Pass Colorado

Sky Pond, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

This was another place I was determined to get to and shoot this summer and I’d argue is one of the most impressive spots in all of Colorado.

Sky Pond Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Sand dunes are fun.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Lake Nicaragua & Concepcion Volcano, Nicaragua

I just loved Nicaragua and Ometepe Island is just so beautiful.

Lake Nicaragua Ometepe Island

Crater Lake, the Gore Range, Colorado

Just me, my pup, and a bear.

Crater Lake Gore Range Colorado

Aguereberry Point, Death Valley National Park, California

Aguereberry Point was just an unreal overlook above Badwater Basin. This shot just seems like classic Death Valley to me and it was cool shooting sunset 6,500′ above where we shot sunrise at.

Aguereberry Point, Death Valley National Park, California

Piney Lake, Vail, Colorado

Classic Piney.

Piney lake Vail Colorado

Gore Lake, Vail, Colorado

It wasn’t exactly the same seclusion as Crater Lake, but after the bear encounter, I was okay with that.

Gore Lake Vail Golorado

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, California

Zabriskie Point Death Valley National Park California

Piney River, Vail, Colorado

Piney Lake Vail Colorado

Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Cathedral Valley has just gotten so popular on the interwebs these days, I wanted to shoot it. It was actually more impressive than I had expected.

Cathedral Valley Capitol Reef National Park Utah

Bora Bora

And of course this year wouldn’t be complete without a couple from the most magical place on the planet… Bora Bora.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora French Polynesia

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora French Polynesia


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