13 Photos of the Most Beautiful Island in the World
November 15, 2015

Throughout the summer of 2015, Conde Nast Traveler kept posting up a clickbait link to the ‘13 Photos of the Most Beautiful Island in the World‘ with the caption, “The Philippines’ Palawan Island was voted the no. 1 island in the world by Conde Nast Traveler readers – and with pictures like these, you can easily see why.”

These pictures include blurry and dull images from a boat tour around Coron Island (part of Palawan Province, not Palawan Island), another blurry image of fairly colorless fish in the water (most likely while standing on a boat or dock), an ice cream cart, and closeups of bananas and dried fish in the old market of Puerto Princessa. Overall, a really, really weak showing for what they’re calling “the most beautiful island in the world.”

In my limited travel experience around the world, I don’t disagree with their sentiment that Palawan is the most beautiful island in the world, but shame on them, one of the largest travel publications in the world, for presenting it in such a uninspired and mundane way.

So here are 13 Photos of the Most Beautiful Island (and Province) in the World.

Overlook at Kayangan Lake

Coron Town on Busuanga

Ditartaran Beach

Cadlao Island

Takling Island

Linapacan Island

Linapacan Island Palawan Philippines

Daracotan Bay

Daracotan Bay Palawan Philippines

Tapiutan Strait & Matinloc Island

Tapiutan Strait Palawan Philippines

Bacuit Bay

Bacuit Bay Palawan Philippines

Cadlao Island

Cadlao Island El Nido Palawan Philippines

Matinloc Island

Matinloc Island Palawan PhilippinesEl Nido

El Nido Palawan Philippines

Daracotan Island

Daracotan Island Palawan Philippines

Bonus Shot: The Balatik!

Balatik Tao Expeditions


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